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Two weeks notice is no longer customary and reasonable

Posted by Taz • Feb 1, 2011 • Category: Human Resources
Apparently, the customary two-week notice period has become optional for most employees of the 20-something generation (Gen-Y'ers as they are called) when they wish to depart an organization. Now, I can't say that this is true of everyone, as hopefully there are some good conscientious counterexamples - but this is a blog that occasionally indulges in stereotypes.

There is something even more flabbergasting than not being given two weeks notice: should you choose not to accept the arbitrarily shorter period you are offered - you become the bad guy. Employers, be careful when you decide not to take the notice period given. This country is very pro-employee and there are websites that are out there where they can berate you "anonymously" in public and you really can't do anything about it.

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To Keep or Not to Keep Negative Nellies

Posted by Taz • Jan 22, 2011 • Category: Human Resources
The gossip. The black cloud. The negative nelly. We all have them. We all hate them.

But what to do about them...especially if they have been an employee for awhile. My answer: replace them with someone that wants to be there. Not so easy to do because they are a body that gets work done...but how much? And are they affecting the rest of your staff? Chances are that they are.

One of the best practices to limit the amount of time a negative person stays within an organization is continuously recruit. Always have an ad for any "high turnover" position in your organization up even if you think we have a lasting team. You never know when you will need that person. Now, do you drop everything and interview every candidate that sends you a resume? No. Until you need to.

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